Repair Work

Rib refurbishments at DRB Marine Services Ltd

D.R.B. Marine Services can carry out most if not all general repair work to vessels. With our profesional team of welders, boat builders, fitters and marine engineers there’s no job too big. So if you are wanting your yacht anti-fouled, serviced or even if you want a complete re-fit, DRB is the choice for you. Give us a call for a quote.

We can:
• Servicing including winterising
• GRP Repair
• Repairs
• Osmosis Treatment
• Boat Components and Fitments
• Engine and Gearbox Repairs
• New engines Installed.
• Valeting
• Boat Building,
• Repairs, Marine Surveys
• Stainless Steel and
• Aluminum Welding
• Repairs to Stainless Steel and Aluminium Components
• Fuel Tanks, Water tanks,
• Fibre glassing
• Engineering
• Spray Painting
• Anti Fouling

Rib Refurbishments

Have a look at some of the pictures of jobs we have had in the past. Included in some of the pictures are Royal Naval M.O.D. launches which we service and repair.

DRB Marine Services